Picky eaters: Who’s responsible for angels and kaalias ???

“The first half of our lives are ruined by our parents, the second half by our children.”

Food is the quintessential element in our life. We as humans tend to take both eating and food as granted until faced with a situation where either we are unable to eat or we don’t have a morsel to chew.
Well, this blog is for ever-smiling, young girl who as claimed by her friends always leaves her meal unfinished. Recently she was asked by her teacher at the table to finish the ‘heavily stuffed north india paneer parantha’.

No she didn’t turn up her nose at the huge portion of left over Parantha in her plate, she smilingly relished it with a dollop of white butter.
I don’t blame the young kaalias and angels for being fussy eaters. Observing the students either leaving their meals unfinished or simply refusing to eat is not only heartening but is no possible solution to the problem of children being picky about what they eat.
If not children who is to be held accountable for developing healthy eating habits.
“My son doesn’t like veggies and daal, so I make Maggi or Pasta for him”, says a doting mother pampering one of the young kaalias. Parents give options to their children and eventually children become choosy about food. By the time parents realise this, it’s too late.
Not to miss out if parents give no option to their younger ones, they will finish whatever they are served with.
Angels, extremely conscious about their bodies eat like birds when served Indian meals, but will gobble if taken to KFC’s and Pizza Huts.
My Young Dearies, don’t hip to adding some kgs to your bony structures….Size Zero is out of fashion…!!!
One final word to the parents, specifically for Mothers- Don’t coax your children to eat a bit and give the remaining portion to either mama or papa. Stop stigmatising the girls as being thin as acceptable and beautiful all the time because the food you choose to eat or not eat doesn’t make you good or bad.
My love for all the foodies …!!!!


English, English & Only English, My Dear Young Friends…!!!

At the outset a whale of thanks to our Heady for this new website which connects every visitor to the dynamic life at PPS.

“English is a funny language; that explains why we park our car on the driveway and drive our car on the parkway.”

Author Unknown

I’m sure this quote will not only generate curiosity and set the bells ringing, but my readers will be reminded of more such examples citing the confusing usage of words in this language. This is an answer to one of my dear student who asked me to deliver a contemplation speech about the state of English in Punjab and Punjabi community. I hope my young voracious reader would be delighted to read this and find an answer as promised.

Nearly three years in the environs of vibrant life at PPS, I’m still fluctuating in my thoughts as to why teens don’t converse in English apart from being forcefully implemented in the classrooms.

We listen and admire our Heady, for his flawless English which makes him none less than winsome orator. Most of us look up to him as ‘mentor’; but then what thwarts us from speaking this globally connecting language.

The language is vast. The more we learn, more we explore and vice-versa. It’s all about using the 26 letters to create that magic (both written and spoken). No other language has number of resources as compared to this German origin language. The language is simple which makes it beautiful, versatile and rich giving almost every speaker and writer a chance to express exactly what they want to.

It’s a myth ‘Learning English is very difficult and confusing.’

Reality is it is the easiest language to learn. So watch out your teachers, administrators and authorities and develop the scope of English.

Happy Reading !!