Baisakhi to Christmas—-where are the takeaways????

For last few years, Indians have been gripped by the fever of Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Diwali, and eventually New Year Celebrations where almost everyone makes a resolution (which merely lasts 24 hours). It’s good to see the festive spirit and people basking in the celebrations spreading the cheer around. Waittt …it doesn’t end here … Black Friday sales, lucrative online offers, hefty sales and discounts which run throughout the year …!
My concern shouldn’t be misunderstood as I am not against following and adopting the so called ‘Western’ culture. What really startles me is the fact that more than half of the population indulging in celebration are not aware of the significance of these special festivals and occasions be it Basaikhi, Lohri or Boxing Day..!
For instance, take Christmas we wear Santa Costumes, exchange goodies, spend lavishly decorating homes with Xmas Tree….how many of us know the history of Jesus….teachings of Christ…!
Have we ever wondered to reflect on them ? Do we know the exact name, place of his birth which is flooded by millions of followers. I am talking about the holy town of  Bethlehem which recently introduced an App to manage the inflow of large number of visitors.
We, Indians celebrate the largest number of festivals and rituals across the world (also Holidays). Yet, when it comes to the values of humanity, compassion, service, altruism, pro social behaviour…do we stand anywhere…!
We leave people to die on roads dreading to offer helping hand…contrary we use those same hands and that crucial time capturing videos of the dying cops, common people, mob lynching and thoughtlessly circulating it on social media.
Our heads bow down in shame…!
Millennials and our so called young generation are said to be spendthrift when it comes to enjoying their vacations, holidays, travelling and investing far less in gold (which has never happened in Indian families who saved gold for next seven generations). Yet, I was aghast to read few days back that Millenials are the MOST STRESSED generation. Ironical …need I say it ???
Celebration in the name of any God, Religion, Region is welcome provided it matures our thinking and  keeps us all united.
Celebrate Diwali if you can light up the smile on someone’s face who has seen the dark days of poverty.
Celebrate Christmas if you are courageous enough to spread the goodwill and warmth as teachings of Jesus tell you.
Ring in the new year with cheer and roar if you are considerate enough to bring and be a part of the change where we are hopeful of 2019 where there will be less or No bloodshed, where one will not wake up to the newspaper with headlines of horrific and brutal crimes inflicted, where there will be fewer old age homes and where we don’t need mushrooming ‘Art of Living’ centres to find peace in our lives…..Peace is within us…! Find it there ..!
Hopefully my millennials will don their thinking hats to do something concrete about the unfortunate situation in our country.
I leave you all with a thinking note before you ring in 2019 with your loved ones…!

Sending tons of good thoughts and positive vibes your way !



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