To all my English Teachers who were influential in shaping lives of many !

Dedicated to every single English Teacher beginning from Kindergarten, stretching upto College and University who always left a deep impression with their flawless English, impeccable dressing sense. Young girls like us always looked upto them as our role models for their elegance. And young boys were always found waiting for these lovely ladies ready with an excuse to just strike a dialogue with them !!

In last one year, I have been fortunate enough to meet my old teachers whom I had no contact with after finishing my education. But deep down in my heart they were always missed and their picture perfect image frequently crossed my mind.

Their conduct, their love for language, the permanent marks etched in our memories always encouraged us to take up teaching as profession. The power to influence young minds for a better tomorrow is beyond words…and I feel that I (for that matter, we the teachers) have a larger responsibility of shaping up the upcoming generation.
All my dear English teachers made classroom learning fun, narrated stories making them sound real and lively, nurturing us with their warm touches when needed the most.!
Their charisma of being the perfect teacher who encouraged every child to do better is rare to find; so strong that it not only influenced our minds but also touched our souls deeply. Their ability to connect with each one of us with the perfect usage of words was not something usual.
I, do owe them gratitude for largely shaping my life and giving me a direction of where I am today.

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