Importance of Sex Education

Gender equality, child abuse, personal hygiene, violence against women…. We discuss it all..But….

 The sensitive yet most important issue of procreation, which keeps the world going, has been swept under the carpet for long. The reason why parents, teachers or educationists shy away from talking about it openly and creating awareness is unreasonable! 

 The alarming rise in incidents of sexual abuse is largely attributed to the easy access to digital world. High risk behaviour among the youth has made them more vulnerable.

 But are we behaving like responsible adults? In fact, sex education should be on the school curriculum as it is an integral part of one’s life.

 I still believe that instead of youngsters, it is the adults who are more reluctant to discuss and take the queries of the growing adolescents when their bodies undergo the biggest overhaul and upheaval. Not to miss out, the impact of such things lasts the whole of one’s lifetime. Lack of awareness about one’s body fails to develop a comprehensive understanding of oneself. Both incomplete and little knowledge is dangerous as it is bound to create misconceptions. 

 We all in our little capacity must spread awareness among our young minds that are our future. 

 It is the call of the times to the parents, teachers and teenagers out there. Discuss the relevant issues with the teenagers at the right time demolishing the wall of hesitation and bridge the gap not only between two genders but also two different generations. Consequently, it will make one comfortable in one’s own skin and a responsible human being! 


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