Kadak Indian Chai ‒ A must-have for winters!


This “Chai pe Charcha” is dedicated to all the people out there in the teaching profession for who better than them will understand the magical effects of Indian Tea..!

It sounds more stimulating than its taste..! The love for KadakIndian milky tea is prevalent since ages..! The amount of refreshment it brings to the Indian population is unparalleled.
Whether it’s about beginning the day, taking a much needed break from study or work, or pampering oneself with steamy chai with some added spices during this rainy and winter season, love and magic of tea doesn’t match with any other beverage..!

This reminds me of the train journeys undertaken in childhood where we will wake up to the “chaigaram chai” slogans in the morning and would be forced to get up and quickly enjoy that dose to get into the mood for rest of the day !

Come winters and count the number of cups we have it during the day…does it really give you the warmth or much sought after kick to fight this lazy weather..!

Assam, Darjeeling or any other; the effect of tea is universal..! Yet to see a nation where tea is the reason (or Bahana, to be more precise) for gossip sessions, socialising (not to forget– Chai pe Charcha). That’s the reason the brewing joints- Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, United Coffee House, or T-Point, to name a feware burgeoning in number. And how can we miss the tea stalls found at every nook and cranny of the Indian streets spreading the fresh aroma of this celestialdrink..!

Tea is undoubtedly the favourite drink among teachers (my colleagues) across the nation. This quintessential beverage makes us feel geared up, rejuvenated, back in action and much more after the “mid-day cuppa chai”. Easily available tea and coffee dispensers may provide us with immediate shot but the wonder of “adrak flavoured chai” boiled till its rustic aroma fills every corner is exceptional. Tea is an integral part of “our community”; has any meeting, discussion, party, et al been complete without this elixir? We, the teachers, are more excited than students to hear the melodious bell for tea break; not because of some free time, but because of the magical drink placed in hot vessels/flasks, waiting to be poured in cups!

I am sure my readers will be ready for some adrak chai by now ..!

Happy Tea Drinking!


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