To all the Cheerful Canines…..!

Reading the heart-touching story of a dog named Malu, who followed a pilgrim for 600 km journey, I couldn’t refrain myself from writing and dedicating this blog about my ever growing love for canines. My love for dogs know no boundaries, as it’s simply not restricted to the Dachsunds, Beagles, Poms or Germans…. rather it is an extra mile for my mongrels and stray dogs who fill the vacuum with their aura of friendliness.

The eagerness with which they greet you is unparallel to any species in the world. The contentment of purely feeding them with small morsels of food can’t be put across in any words. Their wet nose, the marks left by their paws, their furry tails give me sheer joy and I am convinced that these four legged species need us more than our fellow species (humans) need us.
I am quite sure that dogs are better role models for us rather than we, the humans setting examples for each other. Don’t they love us unconditional and selfless, which is unlike of human beings. Canines don’t expect anything in return. They forgive and forget their masters even if they have been left alone for long time, unattended. We, humans take pride in holding grudges against each other and eventually become retaliating in nature. Canines spread love, warmth, loyalty everywhere. Dog lovers will agree with me. (Non-dog lovers must check out those puppy eyes oozing with love).
Animals have a more and strong sense of belongingness in their eyes. Observing them takes away your exhaustion at the end of the day. My dear dogs cannot speak, yet they have the most powerful expressive eyes. Any idea of what they wish to convey ??? Well…I have been able to make out that all they ask us to do is to spread love and be kind and humane……
We may be educated but truly lack the values of being a good human being. Observe these beautiful creatures around us for few moments and you will understand that there is somebody who needs you.
Don’t wait to get a pet home by paying thousands of rupees….Instead, have the courage to adopt the one who is out there on the street, to give homeless a shelter, who looks in you as his owner.



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