Irony of the beautiful gift called Life …!!!

I dedicate this blog to ‘young soul’ who taught me how to live, taught me how to appreciate this roller-coaster ride of life and above all fight against the odds with a smile.

‘One of the goals of education should be to teach that life is precious”  – Abraham Maslow

Ironic, unpredictable, weird, unexpected, more dramatic than any piece of fiction ever written. The words may not sum up the life we are endowed with, but I’m sure my experience of few years will surely motivate my young readers.

Make each day count. Feel blessed and grateful for being alive in this world. Why we appreciate and thank God only during our visits to orphanages, NGO’s and social service camps. Instead thank almighty for the shelter you have, for the education you receive, for every morsel of grain you eat.

This world around us is full of jealousy, hatred, anger, negative. My dear readers, spread love, happiness around in abundance for it may change someone’s life, brighten up someone’s day, lit a smile on someone’s face who is waiting to be smiled back at. Believe me, the world needs more of that !

Don’t get disappointed if you didn’t score well in exams. Give it a one more try and see you will come out shinning. Learn to wake up and fught with the situation. Never give up as Ernest Hemingway rightly said, “Man can be destroyed but not defeated.” Because defeated is the one who stops trying.

Try, try and keep trying. The world will be yours one day ! Fight it as long as you have the spark to ignite the fire.

My last piece of advice for the future sitting in the classrooms. We owe every single to our parents. We can’t pay back in any form but the least what we can do for them is to do whatever gives them happiness, what brings a smile on their faces. Do something for your parents who not only bore you but do everything for you unconditional and unasked.

Salute to all the parents for giving us this wonderful gift of human life !


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