Students at their Vibrant Best !

Every year we host the Annual  Knowledge Conclave in the fond memory of our founder Headmaster Padam Shree J K Kate. We add an event assuming that we have set the ever highest benchmarks. We proved ourselves wrong this time too when we added “Spell Bee” and managed to scale new heights and add knowledge and enthusiasm to the conclave.
I was captivated, thrilled and enchanted to see the youth of our country brimming with knowledge, wits and spontaneity. Be it quiz, where the 6 participating teams left the audience in splits with all their witty guesses aiming to get some answers right (Some managed to get it right….although not Baba Ramdev as first yogi).
Creativity of students truly gave judges a tough time when they had to check the book reviews and poems crafted by the participants. They were spellbound to read how the teens had put across their thoughts in writing and drafted the final versions.
Cambridge form of the debate from JAM to Turncoat to finals revealed how spontaneous, well aware, confident our youth is. They were truly applauded for voicing their opinion. Open house discussions and rebuttal garnished the debate giving it a much lively touch.
The young bees sitting for Inaugural Spell Bee have left a deep mark on all of us proving that they are actually “Mobile Dictionaries”.
Another initiative was crispy and original newsletter covering the daily events which came straight from Eagle’s Eyrie; yes it managed to catch people off-guard, heard them unaware……! On a lighter note, it made one and all a part of the conclave capturing behind the scenes action..!
Buh we truly appreciate your healthy feedback and suggestions from all the visiting teams and guests ! We hope to work on them when we meet in 2017.
My heartfelt congratulations to all the winners and participants for putting their best foot forward ! Special thanks to the Heads and Teacher escorts who made it possible !

Cheers to the teams and Nabhaites !


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